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World Creative Supply specializes in writing clear, concise, and clever copy.  We've been providing creative writing
and imaging services since 1987, and we've delivered our unique brand of branding to television networks, theme parks,
radio stations, major retailers, and other fine companies around the globe.

We write catchy slogans, memorable taglines, clever product names, and concise website content.  We also
do punch-up and proofreading on press releases, bios, resumes, and speeches.  We can even write jingle lyrics.

We have a proven track record for writing imaginative, original, and effective copy.  If it involves words, typing, and you
paying us money, then you've come to the right place.




World Creative Supply had its beginnings in the radio industry in 1985.  We established our business by writing and
producing commercials, station promos, comedy skits, parody songs, and other creative material for radio station morning
shows.  Our clients included Premiere Radio Networks, Dr. Demento, Pirate Radio, and KROQ-FM in Los Angeles.

Soon, we expanded our services into the television industry, writing and directing on-air promo spots and entertainment
content for networks like CBS, Nick At Nite, TVLand, FOX, Fox Family Channel, and MTV.  Our team also created
award-winning jingles and parodies for NBC's "Must See TV," as well as developing network image campaigns and live
corporate presentations.

By the late 1990's, World Creative Supply was delivering creative writing services to a variety of new clients and
ventures.  We began providing concept development and design consulting to Walt Disney Imagineering, where
we created names for theme park attractions, restaurants, and retail facilities at Disney's "California Adventure"
.  Also, we wrote lyrics and jokes for children's programs, such as ABC/Disney's "House Of Mouse" series.
And, we were utilized by the White House speechwriting staff to script comedic remarks for President Bill Clinton.

In the last few years, we've been growing to meet the 21st Century needs of new clients, big and small.  World
Creative Supply
now develops website content, social media updates, and marketing strategies for advertising.
We are proud to be managing the on-line branding and publicity for several national entertainment acts,
including Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine, Johnny Aloha, and Charles Phoenix.  Other recent
customers include a non-profit health information website, a resort nightclub, and even a local pet grooming business.

Today, thanks to experience, vision, and imagination, World Creative Supply continues to write success stories for
clients from coast to coast.  Admittedly, that sentence was rather hacky.




World Creative Supply has a seasoned staff of talented professionals who bring innovation, wit, and expertise to our
valued clients.  Our creative consultants have decades of career experience in advertising, branding, marketing,
promotion, and publicity.  Our team includes gifted writers, producers, and designers, plus a nice lady who does
our taxes.

World Creative Supply is owned and operated by California entrepreneur Mark Jonathan Davis, who has launched
a variety of successful ventures in entertainment, industry, and politics.  Davis has worked in radio advertising,
commercial production, television promotion, public relations, and political consulting, and his extensive background
in media packaging, combined with his mastery of on-line marketing through social networks, make this a run-on sentence.




At World Creative Supply, we have a sincere commitment to protecting the environment.  We recycle.  We conserve.
We care.

To conserve resources, all of our communication is done without paper, using email, internet chat, and teleconferencing.
Billing is handled electronically.  And, for our offices, we choose "green power" from our local utility.

Since the first word of our name is "World," we feel it's important to do our part help save it.  Of course, if our efforts
fail, we're prepared to change our name to Barren Wasteland Creative Supply.  But until then, we thank you for
joining us in our commitment to preserve the planet.




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